Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pirongia, I see.... Poems

Pirongia Forest

Above me I see... a chirpy little fantail bouncing through the native trees, zipping and zooming through the thick branches.

Below me I see... thick, dead, fallen branches from the canopy trees.

In front of me I see... a light green koru fern with tiny korus tucked into her spiral.

Behind me I see a tree log that has fallen backwards onto the stony track.

All around me I see... native N.Z trees and silver ferns sparkling in the sunlight.

By Poet Tyana

Above Me I see....

Above me I   see...  inspiring fantails that zoom through branches of the native trees.

Below me I see ...sharp, pointy stones and leaves that make crackly noises.

In front of me I see... a stream with big volcanic rocks that have exploded millions of years ago.

Behind me I see ... classes listening to Mrs Hood speaking all about the birds, insects and trees in the forest.

All around me I see... a HUGE  forest   I will respect forever.

By Poet Alazae

The Mangakara Bush

Above me I see... sunlight gleaming through the canopy branches

Below me I see... little pebbles forming into a path leading to somewhere

In front of me I see ...my classmates walking in a line like army men

Behind me I see... Rimu trees standing high and proud

Image result for native nz forestAll around me I see a beautiful native bush walk

Poet Hunter  

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