Sunday, March 22, 2015

Japanese visitors tell us about Japan

Interesting Facts:

  • Tokyo is the capital of Japan. It has 10 million people living in its city
  • Japanese people eat lots of sushi, sushimi and tempura (vegetables or prawns in batter)
  • the Japanese flag has a red ball in its centre. This is to symbolise the sun
  • the Japanese word for Japan is "nihon"or "nippon" which means "sun origin"
  • Japanese people often sleep on matresses on the floor
  • Because there is a shortage of space lots of people live in appartments
  • Oriami-  folding paper into shapes is very popular
  • Sumo wrestling is a popular sport
  • Japanese children mostly take the train to school  

The Japanese visitors showed us some Japanese toys,origami and ornaments.We also learnt the Japanese word for "sheep".

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