Monday, November 4, 2013

Long jump champion in the making

Today room 8 and I did the long jump. Miss Hood said that I am the class expert and I was really happy. So here is a video for you to watch of me jumping into the pit. Here are some tips:
take a speedy run up
plant your foor on the end of the board
one foot take off
weight and arms going forward
two foot landing.


  1. To room 8
    I like your post. It shows how you jump like a star!
    From Aaron
    Room 7

  2. Awesome jump Caelan! :) Huge jump and perfect landing!

  3. Hi Caelan,

    You are our class High Jumper, good tip on High jump here are some challenges for you:

    You had good running skills but here is a challange for you, you could go down onto your knees and roll up into a ball and get your Mum Dad to say go and then you jump up and sprint, then plant one foot on the ground and then jump and then land.

    Here is one more challange:
    Run and then jump all around your house.

    From your one of your best friends Ashlee