Saturday, November 9, 2013

Hiwi the kiwi goes fishing.

This week the whole school got to see a show in the school hall about  "Hiwi the Kiwi". Hiwi told us lots of important messages about water safety and sustainable fishing. Here are some things we learnt:
  •  Every time you go fishing you must take your life jacket because if you haven't got one on you and  the boat sinks you might drown.
  • If you catch an undersized fish you should put that fish back in the sea. Use a wet towel to handle it so the scales of the fish won't fall off.
  • If you catch an oversized fish you must put it back too with a wet towel. This is so the big fish can lay more eggs and then there will be more fish in the sea.
  •  When you are going fishing you also have to take a ruler to measure the fish and it has to be at least the same size as the legal size of that same fish. If it is big enough you will be able to take it home to eat. Remember too small, put it back so it can grow into an adult.
  • You should also take salt ice so that when you catch a fish you can keep it cold.

  • If you are in the ocean and your boat  tips over grab the  big yellow bucket with a lid on it. This has all your safety equipment in it. It has beacons, flares and smoke canisters.
  • When you put the beacon in salt water it sends a satelite message to the Coastguard telling him where you are in the sea. Flares are like a sky rockets in the sky and they can signal planes and boats that are looking for you.
  •  The smoke flare sends out orange smoke to the Coastguard and also other boats that are close by.
Hey Guys,  lets look after our fish so we have plenty for everyone and remember always wear a lifejacket when you go out fishing!

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