Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fractions can be fun!

 In room 8 we have been learning about fractions. For home learning  we had to draw fractions. Mrs Hood explained to us  about the denominator (the number down under) and the numerator (the number on top).
 The denominator tells us how many equal parts make the whole. The numerator tells us how many to choose, shade or take. This is a picture of  halves, quarters, thirds and a whole.
By Susanna 

Hi, this is Briian talking here about my portrait on FRACTIONS! There are 46 equal sized squares making up my picture. I cut out 11-46 for my black hair. I cut out 6-46 for my blue hair clips and my blue shoes. I cut out 2-46 for my pink shoe laces. I cut out 14-46 for my blown skin I cut out 9-46 for my red t-shirt and last I cut out 6-46 for the green grass. 

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