Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Here is a picture of  the animal that killed the famous animal hunter Steve Irwin. Yeh, you guessed it,  it's a stingray. These ferocious beasts can kill you if they strike you in the heart. We are making this post because we read a book about things that sting. Be careful if swimming in the islands as fish with stingers can cleverly  camouflage themselves so you might not spot them. Here is another picture of an Australian bull shark. Remember to stay safe in the water!
Australian bull ray, a.k.a. southern eagle ray, Myliobatis australis   


  1. To Room 8
    Did you search that on the class computer?
    I want to know a lot of things about sting rays.
    From Adelei

  2. To Room 8
    Cool post about sting rays. I have been to Australia zoo and fed a sting ray. It was scary. What was your favourite part about sting rays?
    From Titus

    1. Thanks Titus,
      My favourite part was when we watched a video of the sting ray that killed Steve Irwin.
      I bet it was scary when you fed the sting rays in the Australian zoo.

      From Mac

  3. To room 8 WOW!
    Is that a Australian bull ray?
    Steve the animal hunter got struck by one those.
    from Jade