Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Jump Jam Couple look invincible!

Recognise this gorgeous couple. Yes it's our very own Georgia and her brother Christian in full costume ready to perform their Jump Jam routines to the whole school. Good luck at the competition on Saturday guys!

At Jump Jam we try hard and we do it right.We go to Mrs Head on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday. My song is Hippy from Mississippi. This is my first time doing Jump Jam. Vardon is competing against 4 other schools. We are doing the competition on the 14th of September, at Bethlehem College. If we come first, second, or third we will get a medal and go to a Competition in Auckland. If we come under fourth place we will just a certificate. My mum says it doesn't matter where we come, she's proud we have come this far- and she is coming to watch us compete.                                             


  1. wow Georgia and Christian did you come a placing I hope you did well done Georgia and Christian.

    From Briian

    1. Hey Briian I think you did to work on to put capital letters at the start of your sentence?

      By Quanel

  2. Well done Georgia and Christian for going to the jump jam competition. What placing did you come.

    From Quanel