Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Celebrating Us" Cultural Evening Snipets



  1. Well done to everyone in Room 8, who were in the Cultural night. It was breath taking. From the Maker Family

  2. Well done room 8 who went to the Cultural night that was awesome seeing some of room 8. I really like seeing lot's of different dances and also different clothing. My most favouite part was when I got to see the Middle and Senior Kapa Haka performance,Tongan dance,Samoan dance,Irish dance,Combodian dance and the Phillpino dance. I hope parent's and children liked Vardon School's Cultural dance performance.

    From Quanel Taniora/Mekuli

    1. That was a amazing performance room8 I think that you all did very well and I can't wait to see ather performance by Isabelle

  3. Well done room 8 I liked the kapa haka performes and well done to all the athers
    exspesaly Osian Sussana and Isabell well done to all

    from caelan

  4. wow all of these photos and videos look good I wish I was there but i couldn't come and watch you.

    From Briian