Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Welcome to 2013!

HI... In room 8 we have been using the Golden Rules today. We are all happy to be back at school to meet our new classmates. The year 4's have been showing the year 3's whats in room 8 and about the middle syndicate. We are going to be powerful learners this year.
We hope you have had a great day too and are happy to be back at school as well!
From Room 8


  1. HI my name is Caelan.
    I am excited about the camp this year but I am scared about some nosies at night time.
    The best thing about camping is smores.

  2. In room8 we are excited to be back at school.
    We can't walt to start. From Jayden and Jack.

  3. HI I am Saskia and I am new to room8 I am excited i have made new friends and enjoy room8 a lot.

    from Saskia

    HI I am Susanna and I am a year 4.I am in room8 and I am making a lot of friends in room8.

    from Susanna

  4. I am crazy about camp this year and Rosie the cow show and tabloids. Love from Monique.