Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello from France!!

Wow.. room 8 TODAY is your last day of 2012 at Vardon School! I've been thinking about you a lot during my trip especially today.. (well it's night time here in France - Thursday 8.46pm but it will be Friday 8.46am and the bell will be about to ring soon) ..  it hasn't been always easy to get access to a computer and upload photos. I can't wait to show you some photos and you'll have to make sure to check the blog during the holidays because I'd like to share some more and you can always share on your blog what you have been doing in the holidays. 
To answer a few of your questions you emailed...

FOOD- Wow, where do I start?
The breads are so yummy, fresh and such a variety, pastries are scrummy, with chocolate inside, sweet raspberry tarts are delicious too!AND all the yummy cheeses!
Tonight we had a 4 course meal... the french people always have entrees, salads, main meal and desert! Tonight we had, carrot and coriander soup with garlic bread, salmon, capers creme on pasta, then more salmon with veges and THEN desert creme brulee! YUM YUM but my yummy is going to pop!    

FRIENDS - Yes I have made some new friends.. in fact I have meet some new FAMILY. I have meet some new cousins that come from Kaitaia up north many years ago. My new relations I have meet are my grandads, brothers, son and his wife and 3 children. :)

FRENCH LANGUAGE: It is very different listening to people speak a different language, I enjoyed going to London where I could understand everyone and read the train signs clearly. 
Merry Christmas: Joyeux Noël, je vous souhaite un joyeux Noël
Hello:  Bonjour

So tonight I am at my NEW cousins house. Today we played in the snow, it is -6 degrees! Freezing :). Went to Geneva - Switzerland which is just up the road... you don't even realise you are crossing over into another country and tomorrow to fly back to Bordeaux which is another city in France to stay with my fiend Nicole (she used to live in Hamilton).

Well I'll share some photos with you and WISH you a HAPPY HOLIDAY. I'll try and make a photo peach all by myself without your help :).

P.S I'm glad you had a great time at Ngarawahia - Levi and Joesph I knew you would get your ten ticks! Very happy for you all!

Mrs Paraha..... Misses you ALL! 

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