Saturday, June 25, 2016

Poetry Week

In Term 2 Room 8 enjoyed participating in school wide poetry week. We made up lots of silly alliteration sentences like;

Tom and Tyler from Thailand travelled to Time-zone to play table tennis at the talent tournament 


Ben and Britney from Brazil brought Bats for breakfast but Britany Bommited bits of bat back into her bowl!

and we made onomatopoeia poems with lots of exciting sounds

and we described every day objects  in poetic ways

shiny handles with raging blades
a machine gun ready to fire
blades spinning furiously
ready to whip the cream

Bread  Knife
long, thin with a thick handle
reminds me of a crocodile
with jagged teeth about to
attack a loaf of bread

and we created shape poems

Many of the class also recited poems at the poetry cafe to an audience of parents. Here is a sample

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