Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Syndicate Speeches

Topic! Cue cards! Judges! Audience! Nerves!  
Yesterday the middle syndicate were entertained with some wonderful speeches presented by 16 brave Year 3 and 4 finalists. There was a wide variety of speeches including swimsafe,  favourite sports, pets, hobbies, and family members. Congratulations to Room 8's four contestants: Amelie, Jayden, Adam and Tyana.  A special "whoop, whoop" to Jayden and Tyana who made it through to the school finals.
Wheetbix triathlon and Jump Jam - you rock!

Here are  the 2 winning contestants thoughts;  
Jayden:  I was nervous  speaking in front of the middle syndicate. 

Tyana: I had felt very nervous at the start of speeches. But I realised speaking in front of a big audience is not that scary  just stand up and believe in yourself.

Below are the syndicate contestants.

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