Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pirate Jayden provides inspiration for our Pirate Narrative Writing

SkullcrusherJayden is the fiercest pirate to sail the 7 seas. Skullcrusher, like many  Pirates  wears an  eye patches because when pirates  fight each other they stab  right in the eye and it falls out. Their teeth are all dirty because they eat  rotten meat and fish that’s been stored in cobweb filled barrows all day long. Pirates have  scars all over their faces and bodies because of their dangerous sword fights. They wear  shiny gold necklaces and jewels from the treasure chests that they steal from other pirates ships. Their pants are also ripped and destroyed fromfighting  the enemy pirates. Sometimes you can see their underwear. They have swords and cutlasses at the ready. Pirates shout across the deck saying things like “Lower the sails” and “Get the cannons ready to fire” and "Shiver me Timbers". They speak in mean and rough pigeon English.

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