Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Go, Go, Go Joseph!

One of our recent writing tasks was to think about and record  three wishes; the first for ourselves, the second for our family and the 3rd for the world. We also had to think about the steps we could take to help our wishes to come true.

Joseph felt passionate about stopping Shark finning from happening around the world. This is what he did about it.

Here are some "Joseph" facts about shark finning.
This is when fishermen cut off the sharks fins and sell them to China. They are then made into  Shark Fin soup. The problem is that the shark is thrown back into the water and does not survive. It is estimated that if this cruely continues the shark population will die out in under ten years time.  Because sharks also clean the bottom of the sea floor, if they are no longer around this means the bottom of the sea would be full of dead fish. Even New Zealand fishermen sell shark fins to China.
I have now got over 1000 signatures to support  the banning of  shark finning. I hope my petition will be tabled in parliament and that John Key (our Prime Minister)  will introduce a law to ban it. 


  1. Rangimarie
    I really like what you said about shark finning

  2. Well done Joseph I really like how you said what shark finning is. But I think you need to work on talking a little bit. louder

    By ashlee