Tuesday, June 18, 2013

If Kids were the G8

Click to open utube clip "If the G8 were kids."

In Oral language we have been pretending to be members of the G8 (a group of  the worlds most influential leaders). We have been discussing topical issues of the day e.g children going hungry, the fluoride debate and safety issues around skateboards and scooters. Here is our very own G4 discussing world hunger. But first view the link.

Sorry. You will have to turn your head anti clockwise 90 degrees to view this.


  1. To Room 8,
    What a great way to practice your oral language in a fun way! I love the role plays and aren't we lucky that some smart person like Susanna is going to provide us with milk at school to help fill up our tummies and help strengthen our growing bones.
    Well done Room 8 I look forward to the next G8 meeting it sounds as though you solved some big issues for NZ in that short time.
    From Mrs Head

  2. Hi Room 8
    Did you know that last week fluoride had been cancelled

    From Jordan