Thursday, March 7, 2013

Harlem Shake

A little crazy moment in ROOM 8.
We enjoy having fun BUT don't worry we've had HEAPS of learning happening too.


  1. Loved your performance Room 8 and had a few laughs. I think you are a very gifted and talented class.

  2. That was a great performance Room 8. Very entertaining. I think you show huge promise and talent.

  3. Well done everyone that looked so awesome

  4. It looks look like you are all having a lot of fun! From Jordan's Mum.

  5. Awesome job guys! Must have been lots of fun making it.

  6. To Room 8,
    What a great assembly you had today and the Harlem Shake was a huge crowd pleaser! I bet you all had lots of fun doing it!
    Oisin is that you under that costume starting the class off? If not who is it?
    From Mrs Head

  7. Far out that was soooo crack up.. your customs were awesome, but where was Mrs Paraha?

    From Nga

  8. Thank you for commenting everyone. We're glad you enjoyed our video.
    It was challenging making the video because the technology we were using was not always working. BUT we finally got it working thanks to Mrs Natusch.

    Rm 8

  9. Hi room 8

    That is awesome you've got some good moves. Were is Mrs paraha. VERY FUNNY!!!

    from Tia p.s. you can't leave Mrs paraha):

  10. Hi room 8

    You are very talented and funny. Must have ben hard work you looked awesome

    From Tia P.S Dear Mrs paraha you can't leave:(

  11. Hi Room 8,you guys are very talented. We enjoyed your dancing and your funny costumes. Who was the person in the unicorn suit?
    From Team 12

  12. Hi Samuel here, I really like your harlem shake. Where did you get your funny costumes? Well I better get going, bye.

  13. that was really funny room8 you should do a nother one summer

  14. Hey Room 8 - that was awesome! I was wondering what all this talk of a "Harlem Shuffle" was all about... thanks for clearing that up for me!

    Mrs Paton

  15. Hi room8
    Wow that video was so funny!!! I LOVE the costumes! Who was the person in the unicorn costume?

    From Natalie L.

  16. Hi room8
    ha ha ha
    that was so crack up i wached it about 24 times!!! not kiding

    who was the person in the clown costume?

    from nikita