Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Yum yum ice cream!

Can you believe you can actually get a 12 scoop ice cream.. Visit Pokeno on your way to Auckland! If you do please take a photo of your ice cream and show us, especially if you get a 12 scoop!


  1. Really? A 12 scoop ice-cream! Are you sure this is a real photo?
    So maybe next time I go to Auckland I'll stop at Pokeno and ask for one? I might have to share with 11 friends because I'm not sure if I could eat it all. Or could I? What do you think?
    Mrs Natusch

    1. Hi Mrs Natusch
      It is a real photo and you should go to Pokeno and take a photo of your ice cream.ESPICIALLY if you get a 12 scoop! Amazing right, and you probably could eat all of those 12 scoops of ice cream. ha ha ha ha.

      from Jaedyn[room 8]

  2. Hi Room 8
    That ice cream looks awesome! I wonder if anybody can balance an icecream that big and eat it before it melts!
    What is the biggest icecream you children have ever eaten? I think I have had two scoops, but not 12! How much would it cost?
    Mrs Scott

    1. Hi Room 2

      We think that someone could hold one,
      you would probably get fat if u did.
      Well it depends on how big it is
      and I have had a 4 scoop Ice cream.
      It costs about 12 dollars.
      From Thomas and Shelby