Thursday, May 31, 2012

Singing Hotumauea our 2nd time

We have worked on our goals.
We said Waitako correctly!!! :) Not Wai-cat-o  (Wai-cut-o)
We think we did well at saying Te Taratara not E Taratara.
Everyone was singng nicely.

We think we could work on our end actions. Our Pukanas.

See what you think about our singing and let us know if you have feedback and feedforward.


  1. I liked it how everyone had a go and was singing. - T.Rose

    I liked how T-Rose sang the first part. - Sarah

    I like how everyone had a clear voice. - Jaedyn

    I liked how no one was trying to sing over others. - Nikita

    I like the first part when T.Rose started us, she wasn't shy this time. - Levi

    I liked it when no one sang too fast. - Joseph

  2. Hi Room 8

    I really like you singing Hotumauea because it sounds nice.

    I think you need to work on saying E moe tono not te moe tono.

    By Taylor-Rose