Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Strengths

  • maths

  • lining up

  • reading

  • cleaning up

  • writing

  • solving problems

  • playing capture the flag

  • listening

We think these are some of our strengths.

We are learning to continue to keep following the Golden Rules.


  1. To Room 8
    These are some great strengths you ahve as a class.
    I see your goal is to continue following hte golden rules. Which golden rule do you think your class is really good at following and which one do you need to work on?
    Mrs N

    PS - Thanks Rebecca and Ben for your hard work at ICT club.
    I need to show you how to link all your digital portfolios to the side of your class blog and also how to add a recent comments gadget. :)

  2. Hi Mrs N,

    We think we are pretty good at..
    -being kind and helpful AND
    - working hard

    We need to work on...
    - listening the first time to others and the teacher AND
    - being honest to teachers and our friends